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"About us"

Welcome to 69 London Massage

69 London Massage is the go to place for improving your health, protecting against illnesses and maintaining your peek performance. We believe it is necessary for massage therapy to be incorporated in everyone's life because of the numerous health benefits.

Our physiotherapist will advise on a treatment to help maintain peek performance, focus and a general feeling of wellbeing. All of our therapists work under the direct supervision of our in house physiotherapists; this way our clients can receive enhanced benefits from their massage therapy sessions. Our in-house physiotherapists can tailor make treatment plans bespoke to each individual client's needs. They will be available to answer your individual health and medical questions and concerns.

We take a holistic approach to health by looking at the body as a whole rather than focusing on individual factors of an injury or illness. By using massage therapy and body manipulation techniques we can help alleviate emotional, as well as physical pain without the need for prescription pills.

After a brief consultation with our physiotherapist we are able to advise on the type of massage treatment best suited for the client's needs and goals. Our physiotherapist will also advise and suggest lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise that will help make a positive impact on the client's wellbeing. They are able to consult on a one off treatment or for long term. Once the consultation is complete, our physiotherapist will work closely with our massage therapists for the most suitable treatment plan to alleviate pain, improve general health and or to maintain your peek performance.

Over the years we have numerous examples of success, to become the region's most experienced, secured, reliable massage with most experienced beautiful masseuses.

We offer:
Body to Body Massage £90
Sensual Massage £90
Soapy Massage £120
Prostate Massage £100
VIP Massage £150
4 Hands Massage £180 or £300

We provide free soft drinks, red wine, white wine, beer and nice cakes when you are enjoying our professional service.